USB Charging Station With Stand Organizer


A cute mushroom lamp with it's own charging station is the best way to organize your gadgets while they are charging! This design comes with its own stands, so you don't have to pile your gadgets or get them all messy. Our mushroom light, which features long-life and energy-saving LED lighting with DC power supply, gives out soft light that won't hurt or strain your eyes. You can control it with a simple hand touch on the middle of the lamp.

The fast charge interface provides 2-3 times faster than normal charger. It also has IC intelligent technology which will better protect your electronic equipment when charging.



Compatibility: A variety of 5V input of electronic products

Product Material: High strength and high temperature resistant PC fireproof material

Product Color: White

Product Weight:320g

Rated Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz

Rated Maximum Total Output: DC5V-6.0A

A Maximum Output: 2.1A

Line Length: 59in

Package Include:

1 5-Port USB Charger Station

1 LED Mushroom Lamp

1 Charger Organizer 

1 5inch Charging Cable

Package does not include charging cables.

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